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European Contemporary Music

Edition Records

„A British Record Label with a European sensibility and global presence“

Edition ZugWerk

Label des Posaunisten und Komponisten Frank Heinz

Enja Records (Weber)

„From its inception in 1972, ENJA RECORDS has strived to present individualistic, original artists expressing themselves in the constantly evolving language of jazz“

Enja Records (Winckelmann)

„Independence in the music business means less mass-market oriented music, high emphasis on and respect for the integrity of the artist’s concept, high financial risks, hard work to overcome the obstacles of the mass media, …. and more fun in doing just that.“

fixcel records logo

fixcel records – das Label des Webmasters der Jazzpages, Frank Schindelbeck. Produktionen mit Erwin Ditzner,  Lömsch Lehmann, Sebastian Gramss, Marilyn Crispell, Bernhard Vanecek, Roland Vanecek, Alexandra Lehmler, TC Debus, Leonhard Huhn, Kathrin Lemke, Michael Griener, Sachie Matsushita. CDs von fixcel records (und anderer Labels) finden Sie im Jazzshop der Jazzpages.

fixcel records aktuell: Kathrin Lemke Quartett – My Personal Heimat

Float Music

Label für Jazz und improvisierte Musik aus Köln


Free Music Production